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our history:

DASA Preschool has been in operation for 45 years as a museum based Preschool located on the RMSC property at 657 East Ave. At the end of the 2022 school year, the Preschool moved to 597 East Avenue - directly across Goodman Street from the RMSC. DASA Preschool maintains a relationship and programming opportunities with the RMSC. We have a commitment to continuing our work as a museum based preschool and we plan to expand that connection to include other area Museums

our mission:

The Discovery Academy of Science & Art Preschool nurtures the development of the whole child by providing a caring environment rich in discovery and imagination.

our philosophy:

The Discovery Academy of Science & Art Preschool is a play-based program. We believe that through active play, young children make sense of their world, assimilate new information and develop a healthy sense of self and community. As educators, we facilitate developmentally appropriate activities that engage children at all levels.

our vision:

The Discovery Academy of Science & Art Preschool is designed and staffed to meet the developmental needs of an active preschooler. To promote individual growth, we create experiences that will complement children's natural interests and abilities. Whether we are in the classroom, exploring local museums or the outdoors, we strive to make learning an exciting and enriching process. Our number one curriculum goal for our children is to instill a love of learning that will last a lifetime

our location:

We are located at 597 East Avenue on the education floor of the Church of the Incarnate Word.  We are conveniently located across the street from the RMSC Museum & Science Center and a short walk from the Memorial Art Gallery. DASA Preschool is a nondenominational nursery school. Although DASA Preschool classrooms are located within the Lutheran Church of the Incarnate Word, DASA Preschool is not affiliated or governed by the church or any other religious organization. Although our preschool is no longer located on a museum campus, our proximity allows frequent exploration of many local museums, and our curriculum continues to reflect the current museum offerings.

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school address


597 East Avenue

Rochester, NY 14607

located within Incarnate Word Church

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